S'mores & Campfires

S'mores & Campfires

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**Close your eyes and imagine your first time around the campfire. Fun times with friends and family, sharing lots of memories and laughs. Roasting giant marshmallows and grabbing all of the graham crackers & chocolate you could to make your favorite s'mores. 

Now you're hungry, right?! YES YOU ARE!

Grab a handcrafted s'more with: graham crackers, chocolate and big marshmallow smashed in between. The amazing aroma of chocolate will have you second guessing is this really soap.......YES, don't forget its SOAP! 

 **All s'mores will come stacked and assembled with: 2 graham crackers, 4 pieces of chocolate and 1 big marshmallow in between. 

CAUTION: All S'mores are assembled with stabilizers through the center. Please be careful when taking S'mores apart or picking it up from packaging.